Monday Brand
Monday Brand

We help our clients articulate what they already embody but struggle to get across.
Our projects are short & intense, no-nonsense and strictly collaborative.

What we do/


decoding and articulating the brand essence

Identity strategy

translating positioning into an authentic brand expression


facilitating brand ownership across the company


re-engineering portfolio and brand architecture to simplify choice

Our clients/

Monday Brand

“Great work and a fantastic session. It’s already impacted the way I think. It really did click with everyone.”

David Rosenblatt, CEO (New York)
Former President of Google’s Global Display Advertising.
David serves on the board of Twitter.

“The outcome from this collaboration is nothing short of spectacular with tangible results witnessed across positioning, strategy, company structure and marketing.”

Jerker Berthou, CEO, CosmoSupplyLab (Hong Kong)
The global leader in accessories for the hi-tech and luxury markets

“From now on you do not need to be the Albert Einstein of stainless steel to find your product.”

Mika Seitovirta, CEO Outokumpu (Finland)
The global leader in stainless steel

The team/

Monday Brand

Michiel Maandag/


Michiel specialises in positioning brands and simplifying product portfolios and brand architectures. He is an inspirational speaker, who loves to make the complex simple and fun.

“In branding putting on an uncomplicated consumer brain beats making complex spreadsheets.”

Monday Brand

Liisa Puolakka/


Liisa’s expertise is working in both the analytical and the emotional sides of brand building, bridging the gap between strategy and creative expression.

“What keeps me intrigued in branding is the challenge to define the finely-tuned essence that gives a brand its personality.”

Non-fiction book of the month at Little, Brown Book Group

The Only Book You Will Ever Need on Branding

“The best advice to any brand is to be simple: and you do that brilliantly.”

Blanca Juti, Chief Corporate Relations Officer, Heineken

“An engaging and easy read which every marketer should have a copy of.”

Sabrina Ahmed, Brand Manager, Tesco

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Let’s talk

+31 6 2730 5140
+1 718 710 4512

Let’s talk

+31 6 2730 5140
+1 718 710 4512

Let’s talk

+31 6 2730 5140
+1 718 710 4512

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