Halton is leader in indoor climate and indoor environmental products, services and solutions. Halton’s aim is to create comfortable and safe indoor environments that have energy-efficient and sustainable life cycle.

We worked with Halton on crystallising the brand positioning, optimising the brand portfolio and renaming over 100 products. During this work we used very successful our Brand Blueprint, Brand Map and Name Right service products.

As part of the work we helped Halton in becoming more a solution selling company with a brand platform that supports this change. Halton has operations in 25 countries and a turn over of 146M Euros in 2011.

This is what the client had to say:

“It was a pleasure to work with Michiel in crystallising brand position and category branding. Michiel is an excellent coach, great presenter and communicator with a pragmatic but yet very inventive approach.”, Anu Korhonen, Director Brand & Communications

“Michiel is very trustworthy and inventive and has given great input on categorization and how to approach things in creative way. He has very good energy and drives projects in good speed with the end goal in mind.”, Lotta Syrmä, Global Marketing